The woman bringing the joys


Hello Joy founder Erika Evans


Hello! I'm Erika. I'm the designer, artist, production manager, book keeper, marketer, web developer, photographer, copywriter and head of dispatch – so if you find me talking to myself, don't worry, it's quite possible I'm holding a staff meeting!

I spent my childhood swimming in dams, playing in the dirt and riding my motorbike. I'm a joker, a straight talker, a perfectionist, an extroverted introvert, a deep thinker, a coffee and tea drinker, and a bit of a champagne hippie (someone who cares deeply about animals and the environment, but also loves the finer things in life). It's complicated! 


Hello Joy came to life in 2018 after an 18 year career as a designer, when I realised I'd lost the love for my craft; something was missing. Life was hectic with a young family, and my creativity was constrained to a creative brief. After having children, success now looked different. I'd achieved my goal of having my own design studio, a commercial office space and a small team, but I was deeply unhappy. And so the pursuit of joy began.

What initially started as a creative curiosity to find more joy in making by hand is now an obsession.


In 2020 after much trial and error I found a way to paint directly onto clear acrylic, which I love for its light weight and vibrant, glossy finish.

All pieces are cut from a larger painted original, which means each pair features unique markings - a one of a kind wearable piece of art.


I love how accessories can transform any outfit and bring about a feeling of confidence – magic! Finding the balance between beauty and function is at the core of my work; it's important to me that I create pieces that are not only bold and unique, but can also be worn for more than just a few hours. Life is too short for heavy earrings!

The process of creating these colourful pieces gives me HUGE amounts of joy, and I now live more colourfully and authentically as a result. Thanks to the support of earring aficionados like you who make it all possible!