Meet the Maker


Hello! I'm Erika, the lady of all talents at Hello Joy.

I'm the designer, artist, assembler, book keeper, marketer, web developer, photographer and head of dispatch - so if you find me talking to myself, please don't interrupt, I'm probably holding a staff meeting!

I'm also a mum, a creative soul, an over-sharer, a lover of good coffee (even though it gives me hives) and fine dining, and I adore belting out a tune while driving solo. Having spent my childhood living in a small town in Far North Queensland, the fast pace of city life still fascinates and frustrates me daily. 

Hello Joy came about in 2018 when after an 18 year career as a brand designer I realised I'd lost my love for my craft; something was missing. Life was stressful, hectic and my creativity was constrained to a creative brief. I felt compelled to slow down and get back to basics; to find joy in creating with my hands – and so Hello Joy came about.

What initially began as a curiosity and a desire to create something that brought joy to myself and others is now my obsession. Using my knowledge of colour theory and combining it with my love for colourful and unique accessories, I am most proud of the unique design style I have developed for Hello Joy.

After much trial and error I have perfected a technique using acrylic which I absolutely adore for its glossy, vibrant and light weight finish. The beauty of my work is that every pair is part of a larger painted artwork, making each a unique piece of wearable art.

The process of creating colourful accessories gives me HUGE amounts of joy. I still pinch myself that I am doing something I love, and living more colourfully and authentically because of it.

Previously I never wore statement earrings, because they were heavy, uncomfortable and I thought they didn't suit me. Now that concept seems laughable – I love the confidence a decent pair of earrings can bring and feel strange leaving the house without them!

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