Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my earrings not matching and symmetrical?

Every pair of Hello Joy earrings are hand crafted. As they are not mass produced, each earring has it's own uniqueness and character. No two pieces are the same, which is the beautiful thing about hand made. Behind every piece is a story and a pair of hands, which you don't get when you buy mass produced items. Think of your earrings as wearable art!

Do you refund?

Unfortunately for hygiene purposes I cannot offer refunds for change of mind. Please check over your earrings as soon as they arrive for any damage or breakages that may have occurred during shipping, and contact me within 24hrs of their arrival if there are any issues.

I broke my earrings. Can you repair them?

Should something happen to your earrings and you need them repaired (maybe they were stood on and the post bent or broke off, or a smaller family member gave them some heavy-handed love), feel free to get in touch. I am more than happy to help breathe new life into your earrings when and where possible.