Earring Care


Please handle your Hello Joys with care! Being dropped, going swimming, dancing in the rain or being bent are not activities that they love to partake in. Unfortunately doing any or all of these activities may result in damage, or even worse, breakage. And that makes us all very, very sad.

Note: Your earrings contain genuine leather components. Leather is porous and the oils and chemicals in perfume, makeup and sunscreen may affect it. So for this reason, it's best to put your earrings on after you've finished your beauty routine.

Please keep your earrings stored on a flat surface (or even better, an earring holder - I can personally recommend Bon Maxie and Yobi brands), and out of direct sunlight to prevent bending, creasing and fading of the leather components.

Should your earrings need a little freshen up, please use a soft clean cloth to wipe them down (gently!). To remove makeup marks from any polymer clay components, I have found that a gentle wipe with rubbing alcohol (Isocol) does the trick - just be sure to avoid wiping the leather!

For any bent or curled leather components, give the leather a gentle roll in the opposite direction of the bend - this helps to straighten them out.



Should something happen to your earrings and you need them repaired (maybe they were stood on and the post bent or broke off, or a smaller family member gave them some heavy-handed love), feel free to get in touch and see if they can be repaired. I am more than happy to help breathe new life into your earrings when and where possible.