Earring Care


Please show your Joys some love! Being dropped, stood on, going swimming and being stored with pointy objects (eg. Rattling around in the bottom of your handbag with your car keys and god knows whatever else, for days on end) are not activities that your earrings love to partake in. Unfortunately doing any or all of these activities may result in damage. And that makes us all very, very sad.

Keep your Joys stored on a flat surface (or even better, an earring holder), out of water, direct sunlight and excessive heat.

Hello Joys are painted and sealed with a protective coating that allows them to withstand the occasional scuff, bump and water contact. However the coating is not infallible. Leaving your earrings sitting in water, excessive heat (eg. storing in a hot car in summer), or repetitive rigid scratching at the coating will inevitably penetrate the membrane, leaving the painted layers vulnerable to further chips, scratches and peeling.


Tassels and fringing are made using genuine leather. Leather is porous and the oils and chemicals in perfume, makeup and sunscreen may affect it. So for this reason, it's best you put your earrings on after you've finished your beauty routine.


We use quality, tarnish resistant jump rings (the little metal circles that hold the pieces together) which are treated with a magical, hard wearing, clear finish which repels moisture and skin acids that can cause oxidisation and tarnish. What does this mean for you? Our jump rings remain shiny for much longer than regular jump rings, which is surely music to your ears, yes?


Should your earrings need a little freshen up, please use a soft, clean microfibre cloth to give them a little wipe them down.

For bent or curled leather, use a little water on your fingertips to dampen the leather (just damp, not soaking), then straighten and leave to dry on a flat surface overnight. And Voila!


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