TRINITY hook // Pink Party


Trinity, this time with a hook top (instead of the usual stud top), for all of the hook loving ladies. A double layered eye catching design with the trademark Hello Joy leather fringing, trinity is a mid-statement size but extremely light weight and easy to wear.

Featuring hand painted artwork, every pair is unique in pattern placement and colouring - it's wearable art at its finest. These earrings feature gorgeous pink textured art contrasted with black and white spots. Baby pink leather fringing makes this a knockout combo!

Height: 60mm (measured from top of hook to base)
Width: 43mm (measured at widest point)
Weight: 2.7g
Silver plated kidney hoop clasp.

Please note: there are more than one pair of this style available, and the artwork placement varies on each. The pair you receive will be selected at random.